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Passel Argente was a male Koorivar who served as the Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance and a member of the Galactic Senate representing his homeworld, Kooriva in the war. Following a protracted Separatist Crisis, Argente pledged the Alliance's support for Count Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems before seceding from the Republic and taking a seat on the Separatist Council …

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Passel Argente was a male Koorivar who served as the Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance and the Senator of Kooriva in the Galactic Senate. Depraved and corrupt, Argente made unwanted advances towards Padmé Amidala and other politicians, and was able to fulfill his lust after Amidala was captured on Geonosis and defiled by members of the ...

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Jun 11, 2015 · Passel Argente is a Character in the Star Wars universe. Now, click EDIT to start adding more details! Biography . Click EDIT to update a biography. Description . Click …

Passel Argente

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Passel Argente est tué par Dark Vador. Trois ans plus tard, comme les autres membres du Conseil, Argente se trouvait sur Utapau où le Général Grievous leur annonça leur transfert sur Mustafar.Une fois arrivé, Dark Sidious leur annonça que son nouvel apprenti, Dark Vador, allait venir s'occuper d'eux.Aucun des leaders Séparatistes ne comprit le véritable sens des paroles du Seigneur ...

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Passel Argente era un koorivar masculino que fue el Magistrado de la Alianza Corporativa y un miembro del Senado Galáctico que representa a su planeta natal, Kooriva, en los últimos días de la República Galáctica. Él le entregó sus fuerzas a la Confederación de Sistemas Independientes, y sirvió en el Consejo Separatista hasta su muerte a manos de Darth Vader en Mustafar en la ... Photo Archive

Passel Argente is a repaint of the figure that was included in 2003's Geonosian War Room II SAGA Screen Scene. Photography by Dan Curto Also included with this figure is a folding pamphlet that shows other toys in the Force Battlers , Galactic Heroes , and Attacktix lines.


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pas·sel (păs′əl) n. Informal A large quantity or group: "The President faces a passel of domestic issues" (Christian Science Monitor). [Alteration of parcel.] passel (ˈpæsəl) n informal or dialect chiefly US a group or quantity of no fixed number [variant of parcel] pas•sel (ˈpæs əl) n. a group or lot of indeterminate number: a passel of ...

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Der Magistrat der Handelsgilde, Passel Argente, war ein langjähriger Verbündeter von Sidious und schloss sich seiner Sache nur allzu gerne an. Als ein weiterer Beschluss des Galaktischen Senats die Produktionszahlen von vielen Waffen einschränkte, stand auch für die Techno-Union fest, dass sie der Republik den Rücken kehren musste. Star Wars Passel Argente Separatist Leader #61 ...

Passel Argente is essentially a repainted exact same figure that came with one of the two Geonosian War Room/Separatist Leaders set from Episode II, in which his robe was painted green-ish. In Episode III, Argente is wearing a bright orange robe and is repainted to look like this appearance.

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May 29, 2014 · Geonosian War Room (Featuring Nute Gunray, Passel Argente & Shu Mai) (2 of 2) may end up being the better of the two sets. And identical one-half of the tactical table has been included here as Hasbro has designed it well enough to be a mirror image of itself, and you also get three new figures to make it a totally worthwhile purchase. passel argente passel argente. Skip to main content. Try Prime EN Hello, Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Orders Try Prime Cart. All

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Passel Argente was een mannelijke Koorivar die als magistraat werkte voor de Corporate Alliance en daarnaast senator was voor zijn thuisplaneet Kooriva. Hij sloot zich aan bij de Confederacy of Independent Systems .

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Oct 10, 2012 · Star Wars Passel Argente from Revenge of the Sith! Retailed for $5.99 and is a fairly decent Separatist to add to your Council!

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The Separatist Council was made up of the leaders of wealthy, influential galactic trade groups that backed Count Dooku’s Separatist Alliance, supporting it with warships, droid armies and a steady stream of credits. Its members included the Trade Federation’s Nute Gunray, the Corporate Alliance’s Passel Argente, the InterGalactic Banking Clan’s San Hill, the Commerce Guild’s Shu Mai ...

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Passel Argente was a male Koorivar who was the Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance and a member of the Galactic Senate representing his homeworld, Kooriva, in the final days of the Galactic Republic. He pledged his forces to the Confederacy of Independent Systems, and served on the Separatist Council until his death at the hands of Darth Vader on Mustafar at the culmination of the Clone Wars.

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The Corporate Alliance was among the most enthusiastic backers of the CIS, even funding propaganda against the Republic and the Jedi. At the end of the Clone Wars, the Commerce Guild Magistrate Passel Argente was killed by Darth Vader along with the other Separatist leaders and the Alliance's assets were annexed by the Galactic Empire. Gallery