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How to Sign In as a SPA. To sign in to a Special Purpose Account (SPA) via a list, add a "+" to your CalNet ID (e.g., "+mycalnetid"), then enter your passphrase.The next screen will show a drop-down list of all the SPAs you have permission to access.

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Berkeley Law recommends that Berkeley Law users configure Airbears2 on their devices. Airbears2 provides Internet access to the UC Berkeley campus with better privacy and security. Airbears2 requires a “key and CalNet ID to log in on your computer or mobile device.

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PLI is located at 2121 Berkeley Way, on the 4th floor.; Parking UC Employees with a valid Cal 1 Card are eligible to purchase Faculty/Staff "F" Daily Scratcher Permits from the Parking & Transportation Office.Permits are valid Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm in any designated Faculty/Staff (F) lots, and after 5pm and on weekends in Central Campus (C) and F lots (subject to posted requirements ...

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News . Campus Shutdown Notice . In light of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, we have decided to close our administrative offices starting Monday, March 16, 2020 until further notice. ... Graham, who played a key role in the development of Berkeley Unix, is known for her work in software tools, programming language implementation ...

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Oct 03, 2017 · Bring your lunch and laptop with an active AirBears2 Key to work on pulling Cal Answers student data with the help of the OPA analysts and Cal Answer Super Users. We look forward to seeing you on the 11th! Learn more Visit the Cal Answers Student Data Community of …

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Generate an AirBears2 key. Learn about collaboration tools. Enroll in CalNet 2-Step. Be safe and savvy online. Arrange a video conference. Reset my passphrase. Get software. Learn about research tools. Buy a computer or mobile device

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It allows you to use a stored key or your laptop, tablet, or mobile device to access the wireless network without having to login with your CalNet ID and Passphrase. In order to connect to AirBears2, you must first create an AirBears2 Key

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AirBears2 is a wireless network service offered by the campus that provides secure network connectivity to all members of the UC Berkeley community. The campus also offers eduroam and CalVisitor wireless networks. To use AirBears2 or eduroam, you need an AirBears2 key

Airbears2 Key

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AirBears2 private WiFi requires authentication (AirBears2 key) set or view the key here (requires CalNet Authentication) encrypted (secure) network; eduroam private WiFi requires authentication; UC Berkeley insiders may use their AirBears2 key

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International (exchange, UK) student here. I have a phone from the UK and a phone bought in the US (just in case it's important, I can't claim to know), both of which are Android and neither of them can connect to AirBears2. Followed all available instructions and generated several keys, not one of them has worked.

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Use your AirBears2 Key or Create a Key. If you already have an AirBears2 key you can skip this step. To create a key, login to the Manage My Keys website and follow the instructions provided. Configure Your Device or Computer. Connect to the eduroam wi-fi network.

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Wi-Fi Services 1. Create a Key - Use your CalNet Passphrase to login to the Manage My Keys website and follow the instructions provided. Learn more. 2. Configure Your Device or Computer- Once you have your AirBears2 key, you can configure your device or computer to use AirBears2.

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Computer Networking. Faculty, staff, and students may connect their devices to the AirBears2 wireless network by obtaining an AirBears2 key.. Additional information regarding the Campus wireless infrastructure and setup instructions can be found on the IST website. Visitors to Etcheverry Hall may connect to the CalVisitors public wireless network.

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AirBears2 is the new campus wireless network. It allows you to use a stored key or your laptop, tablet, or mobile device to access the wireless network without having to login with your CalNet ID and Passphrase.

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Jun 19, 2015 · New Campus Wireless Options. Posted on June 19, 2015 July 29, 2016 by msholinb. As you may have heard, ... At those institutions, UC Berkeley network users who have configured a Wi-Fi Key for AirBears2 can use the eduroam Wi-Fi service to obtain network connectivity. The other group of users are visitors to the UC Berkeley campus who have eduroam.

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We are here to answer questions, provide information, and work with you to find effective solutions for your security needs. General inquiries and questions: [email protected] IT Policy questions or issues: [email protected] Contact individual ISO team members: See Staff Listing & PGP Keys Report a security incident

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VPN and AirBears2 Eligibility Access to bSecure Remote Access Service and AirBears2 is based on your affliation. Affiliations are set by campus systems of record, such …

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Internet Access & Student Technology Services Wi-Fi access is provided throughout the residence halls. AirBears2 is the recommended Wi-Fi network for students. To connect to AirBears2, you will first need to create a login key. Find instructions at If you require an Ethernet (wired) network port, you can submit a request to activate a port.

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Wi-Fi. Long-term visitors are advised to use AirBears2 or eduroam for unrestricted network access, including access to wireless printing in Calvin Lab. CalVisitor is limited to web browsing, VPN, and SSH.. AirBears2 Connecting to AirBears2 for the first time is a two step process. Step 1 is to create a key:. Go to the Manage My Keys website and login using your CalNet ID and Passphrase

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The newly announced campus Wi-Fi options include a bonus for faculty, staff and students who are traveling to other universities — the eduroam (education roaming) service now allows you to use your Airbears2 key to gain access to Wi-Fi at participating eduroam institutions in …

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bMail is the Berkeley brand for Google email, which is a web-based email service available to students, faculty, staff, alumni. (link is external) (link is external) Best Uses for bMail? bMail is a good solution for: Composing, sending, and replying to email. Creating and managing group contact lists. Having an organized inbox. (link is external)

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The department of Information Services and Technology (IST) is launching a new “AirBears2” wireless network today in order to upgrade the wireless user experience on campus.Read More…

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O365 is a collection of services that includes access to Office applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other cloud services. It comes with access to the latest features, security patches, and fixes. Microsoft Operating System. Microsoft Windows Desktop Operating System (OS) upgrades including Windows 8.1 Professional, and Windows 10 ...

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Manage My Keys. Login. Please log in to use the Manage My Keys application.

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To access files and printers at EBCLC, you will need to configure your laptop to access our systems using the following instructions. Please complete all of the following steps, if possible, before EBCLC orientation. We understand if you cannot complete a step and will gladly assist, however the process is much faster and the time […]

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The campus is phasing out the AirBears2 network, so we recommend all students make the transition to the Eduroam network, which provides a stronger, secure connection for the campus. If you choose to continue to use AirBears2: You must have a valid CalNet ID. You will need to create an AirBears2 key to login. You can create this before coming to campus in order to get online right when you arrive on …

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on Campus. This will require storing your Airbears2 key in plain text, so you need to be OK with your partner seeing your key. You can always change your Airbears2 key later if need be. If you want to skip this, move on to section 6.1. Your Wi-Fi network info is stored in …

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The newly announced campus wi-fi options include a bonus for UCB faculty, staff and students who are traveling to other universities: the eduroam service allows you to use your Airbears2 key to gain access to wi-fi at participating eduroam institutions in the United States and abroad.Your friends and colleagues from institutions participating in eduroam will likewise be able to use eduroam ...